Deciding on what color of pool decking finish or color are very important decisions that will make a difference in the future lifetime and usability of the deck. Most people, while deciding what color of stain to use on their concrete pool deck or cool deck, are considering how to color match or color coordinate the look and feel that they are going for. However, one of the things that is least considered is how comfortable you may feel walking on a particular texture or looking at the surface around the pool. 

Most people, buy in large, stain the concrete decking as opposed to having a continuous color added into the concrete. Colors that are typically added into concrete pool decking are then stamped or stenciled.  If you are a DIY'er you may consider consulting a professional pool decking company in San Antonio.

Therefore, it is important to consider the pool deck color, not just for aesthetic and color- coordinating reasons, but because the reflective qualities of concrete can enhance one's experience or take away from one's experience. A light color around the pool will in some ways mimic a natural setting like a beach or a water setting that you might enjoy. One unique or dramatic way of creating a unique effect is by creating this Roman-style asked look and feel. Typically it is a dark border surrounded by a lighter monochromatic color. I personally enjoy this particular look. When considering the color of stain that you want to use on your pool decking resurfacing or finishing project consider lighter colors to be ones that will last longer and give a more natural look and feel. 

If you use a darker color it can give a beautiful dramatic look that you can enjoy as well. Just know that the darker colors that you use in stains will attract more heat.  If that is the effect or desired look I certainly would not try to sway one's thoughts. Hopefully this San Antonio pool deck blog, dedicated to resurfacing pools, will help answer some questions and possibly create some new ones.

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